These are some educational activities that I have been / am currently involved in:


How to Build a Robot! — Currently dormant children’s book project. If I succeed it will be entertaining and informative to both kids and undergraduates. Contact me if you’re interested in doing illustrations for this book!

Other loose items

The Notorious EE2001. And the only A+ ever (school sucks). Returned as pseudo-TA (which meant funds for my research). Experience tickles itch to write. Wrote “A Practical Electronics Companion for EE2001“. Underwent peer review (literally, on Facebook). A little more elaboration here.

New job. Designed new course about sensors for secondary school kids. Idea was to get from block diagram to circuit diagram to building stuff — an ultrasonic rangefinder frontend and an IR heartrate monitor (that’s approximately half a pulse oximeter).

Some courses came with pretty posters too.

Robotics 2 – an elective at NUS High School of Math and Science. First lesson I ever did. Gave introductory lecture on robotics. Many videos and a couple of slides containing my distilled thoughts about robotics (scroll down for punchlines!)

Class at River Valley High School. Part of their talent development programme. Taught electronics, with emphasis on getting from block diagram to circuit diagram (‘cos the good juggler keeps all the balls in the air man). Their first non-trivial circuit was a microphone amplifier.

Here’s an analog head. Two eyes, four receptors, and loves staring at bright lights. Actually an op amp tutorial in disguise.


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