The Garden

Aulë — A modular robot kit for educational purposes. This project began as a submission to the AFRON $10 Robot Challenge.

Control Theory for Kids! — A very serious introduction to control theory for adults. Nah. Not yet. For now, the work is subtitled — Personal musings on signals, systems and control theory for personal amusement (and maybe yours too!).

Genghis the Clone — A four-legged walking robot that has prepared the ground for many things to come.

Laboratory — From laboratorium (Latin), a place of labour, where the transfer of thought into material substance takes place.

Robust and distributed formation control of a simulated swarm of robots — Bachelor’s thesis (2011), self-proposed.

SVG circuit symbol library — Circuit symbols in the public domain!

The Field — A long study on the electromagnetic force, field and interaction.

The Composting Pit

The Directo-scope. An ancient piece of work, circa 1999. These days there are digital compass modules. Those days I barely understood voltage dividers.

At work, a production frenzy involved massive amounts of soldering. The stench being unbearable, a fume extractor and filter was improvised.

A leg was once built (2008), to be actuated by series elastic actuators like antagonistic pairs of muscles. The hip joint is ball-and-socket, and held in place by rubber band ‘tendons’. The knee joint is a door hinge. The actuator was never completed, yet curiously the leg has managed to run away! Its whereabouts are currently unknown. Overall, a valuable lesson in biomechanics.

Rapid circuit prototyping. For the longest time, a search for the holy grail of amateur circuit-building dating back to possibly the beginning of the third millenium, shortly after the dawn of Algebra. See poster presentation of the latest cup discovered: Zap, Stuff, Clamp, Debug (2008); A grail it may be, but alas! it probably isn’t the holy one.

A brief fling with the RF spectrum (again) resulted in an illegitimate 8MHz AM radio transmitter.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project (UROP) on modular self-reconfigurable robotics. I wrote the proposal; I learnt developmental biology; I reviewed the hardware design of many robots; I also attempted an ambitious treatise on modular robot design issues, which I will complete sometime in the future.


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